About Our Program

Saint Mark's offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum for students who are among the best and brightest of their peers not only locally, but regionally and nationally as well.

At the same time, Saint Mark's provides a college preparatory experience for students of varying academic abilities as well. On average, 97% of all Saint Mark's students move on to higher education, an achievement of which the people of Saint Mark's are very proud.

In order to help students not only prepare for admission but for success in higher education, Saint Mark's employs a holistic approach to the education of the young person - we strive to empower not only students' minds, but their bodies, hearts, and souls as well.

Highlights of our curricular programs include the following:
  • The Saint John Neumann Scholars Program - Following the freshman year, academically eligible students are offered the opportunity to pursue study as part of the Saint John Neumann Scholars Program at Saint Mark’s High School. Requirements for this most rigorous program of studies may be pursued in either of two “strands,” Math and Science or Humanities and Fine Arts, according to ability and interest. The Saint John Neumann Scholars Program is designed to involve gifted students at the highest level of academic study while simultaneously providing opportunities for original research or composition, and exposure to cultural programs outside of the school.
  • Advanced Placement - Saint Mark's provides an extensive number of offerings from the College Board's Advanced Placement Program. SMHS students in AP courses may, at the discretion of the college or university they choose to attend, receive college credit for work taken in high school.
  • Academic Levels - Our levels, or phases, reflect the School's unique ability to meet student needs in a variety of learning areas. Students may be in multiple course phases across their program - phases that reflect individual strengths and weaknesses and that provide opportunities for individual growth and improvement.
  • EMMAUS Services - This program provides a resource for students with specific language-based learning challenges regardless of their academic phase. Service levels vary from individual skill development and support to extended time testing and opportunities for the development of learning strategies.

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Saint Mark’s, a college-preparatory coeducational Catholic high school, inspires young men and women to create a better world, one more pleasing to God and more helpful to others, by modeling faith, excellence, humility, and integrity.