Dear Prospective Spartan Parents and Students,

beat365正版唯一 to Saint Mark's High School! As a proud Spartan Alumnus and your Vice President of Enrollment Management, I understand the tremendous impact Saint Mark's continues to make in the lives of students and families. Since rejoining my alma mater in 2019, I am reminded daily just how special Saint Mark's is. Through daily interaction with our faculty, 工作人员, students and parents, it is apparent the people of Saint Mark's are the "secret ingredient" in making Saint Mark's feel like home. It is the people who make up our Spartan Family who foster a nurturing environment for one another to encourage and support spiritual, academic, social and emotional growth. This level of support extends outside of our classrooms. It remains with our Spartans long after they join our alumni base of 17,000+ individuals and it will remain with them through a divine relationship with our God. I believe this strong foundation is why families from across the region are finding value in calling Saint Mark's "home".

Over the past four years, Saint Mark's High School has been featured on the national stage. We have developed into one of the fastest growing Catholic schools in the country, increasing enrollment by over 65 percent. As the fastest growing Catholic school in Delaware, interest in Saint Mark's is at an all-time high! Our explosive enrollment growth has been complemented by the generous support of our constituency and alumni base. In fact, the support has never been stronger. Annual giving has doubled over the past four years, which has helped bring our strategic and master campus plans to life.

We are in the midst of the single-largest campaign in school history - Renewing the Vision: The Campaign of Saint Mark's High School. New projects have been completed this past summer, which have resulted in unmatched learning spaces for our students! Our students are enjoying the following:

I. State-of-the-Art Pavilion and Outdoor Classroom, which seats 150+ individuals.

II. Outdoor Low Ropes Leadership Course.

3. 3,200 square foot Science, Technology, Robotics, Innovation, Prototyping, and Engineering (S.T.R.I.P.E.)实验室.

IV. State-of-the-Art Creative Media and Broadcast Center.

V. New kiln, pug mill, and additional upgrades in our art studios.

VI. New sound system in our gymnasium.

7. Fully renovated dressing rooms underneath our stage, and additional upgrades in our auditorium.

Legacy and innovation will be at the heart of Saint Mark's during the 2023-2024 school year, which will continue to position Saint Mark's as the premier center for education and ministry within the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington.

As there is no better time to be a Saint Mark's Spartan, I welcome our prospective students to embrace the first step in realizing their potential for excellence by scheduling a visit to our beautiful campus. We are eager to meet you and to learn about your interests, likes, talents and passions!

Prospective parents, as you navigate the important discernment process for high school, our admission representatives stand ready to serve your family and answer any questions you may have about Saint Mark's High School!


Mr. Rob DeMasi '09
Vice President of Enrollment Management
    • Mr. Rob DeMasi '09

      Vice President of Enrollment Management


    • Ms. Ann White '15

      Associate Director of Admissions


    • 夫人. Dena Iudica '97

      Admissions Associate | Social Media Manager


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