Dear Friends,

We all love to dream. We all love to imagine what “could be.” This is certainly true when it
comes to our children. We parents typically have big dreams for our children. We want
them to be happy, to be healthy, to be successful and, most importantly, to be holy.

At Saint Mark’s we want the same. As such, we are committed to doing all that we can each
day to educate, challenge, support and develop the young men and women entrusted to our
care. We strive to instill in them the virtues of faith, excellence, integrity and humility. We
endeavor to create a community – a family – whereby each member is selfless in their
giving, unwavering in their loyalty and steadfast in their faith. We seek to fulfill the noble
calling of Catholic education by inspiring young souls to live out the Gospel in the
classroom, on the field, at home, on the stage, in the community and within the Church.

In a world and a culture that increasingly seeks to fill young minds with ideas of mediocrity
and moral relativism, we stand in the gap to motivate students to pursue excellence while
providing them with an eternal perspective that rests solidly on Jesus Christ and is
illuminated through our Catholic faith. Our goal is for students to understand who they are
and “whose” they are so that they may, in turn, make an impact for good in the world.

If you seek the same for your son or daughter, I encourage you to visit us. If you seek a
loving and supporting family of learning and of faith, I encourage you to visit us. If you seek
an environment where your child will flourish both as a student and as a disciple, I
encourage you to visit us.

Be assured of our fidelity to this great mission of Catholic education.

Thomas S. Fertal
Saint Mark’s High School

All Things Possible

2501 Pike Creek Road, Wilmington, DE 19808

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Saint Mark’s, a college-preparatory coeducational Catholic high school, inspires young men and women to create a better world, one more pleasing to God and more helpful to others, by modeling faith, excellence, humility, and integrity.